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Imagine being able to speak to anyone simply by touching a photo.

The Best App for Speech Impairments.

APP2Speak is the Leading Speech App for Nonverbal Communication.



I just want to thank you and your support team for all your help and most of all, creating app2speak.

I discovered app2speak after my best friend Bob, (we’ve been like brothers for 60 years) was diagnosed with throat cancer and was told he had to have a laryngectomy and he would lose his voice.

He’s not as technical as I am and asked me to try and find something that would allow him to communicate with his mobile phone once he became speech impaired. He wanted to be able to text his words and have his phone speak them out for face-to-face communication.

After searching the web for something that might work for him, I kept seeing app2speak pop-up. I went on the website and it looked like it would be helpful.

I contacted customer support and that’s when you helped so much.

You let me download the 14-day full app trial to my android phone. Once we figured out a couple of glitches Android apps on my phone were causing, we were off and running.

The two features of the app, text to speech and the photo-based pages with their phrases, and the ability to create custom pages and phrases was amazing.

Bob purchased the app (worth every penny) and we began practicing with each other until he was comfortable with using it before his surgery.

The best part about this story is when Bob had his surgery at Tuffs Medical Center in Boston MA, he woke up from recovery and was able to communicate with the medical staff immediately. The nurses were amazed and had never seen that app before. They took the information down for future patients.

Not only could he text his words to speech but he found the preloaded photo pages to be extremely helpful.

Now that he is home, he uses the app every day. He has his custom pages set up for everything from the supermarket to an emergency call photo with critical emergency information.

This app is truly a life changing tool.

Again, I want to thank you.

Wayne, Pelham, NH

Developed by an experienced American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) certified Speech Language Pathologist, APP2Speak is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) photo-based app for mobile devices helping individuals who have difficulty speaking and communicating. APP2Speak was recently ranked as one of the best communication apps for patients in long-term residential care who struggle with a communication disorder.

Introducing APP2Speak: The ulitimate Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) photo based app for iPads and smartphones.


APP2Speak is a comprehensive AAC app compatible with iOS and older Android devices, enabling easy communication for individuals with speech difficulties. It offers preprogrammed phrases for expressing everyday needs, making it a complete solution for those who struggle to speak.

  • APP2Speak is customizable, allowing users to create custom phrases using their own photos.
  • Creating custom phrases gives each user the opportunity to inject their personality into every conversation.
  • The text-to-speech feature allows users to quickly program and access frequently used phrases, enabling natural and effortless conversations.
  • The APP2Speak app comes with easy-to-read instructions and a built-in help feature.
  • No special training is required to create custom phrases and add custom photos.

Speech Therapy

APP2Speak is a customizable AAC app for iOS and Android, ideal for individuals with speech impairments caused by conditions like stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, Autism, throat cancer and Down Syndrome. It offers preprogrammed phrases for easy communication of needs and wants.

  • Users can create custom phrases with custom images to express their unique personality and style.
  • The app’s text-to-speech feature allows quick programming and access to frequently used phrases, facilitating natural and effortless conversations.
  • APP2Speak is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no special training for customization. It provides a built-in help feature, easy-to-read instructions, and video tutorials.
  • It excels in social and personal communication, both at home and in the community, serving as a permanent solution or a steppingstone to other communication devices.
  • The app is compatible with iOS and Android accessibility features, including Bluetooth switches, touch accommodations, and low vision support.
  • Our team is eager to demonstrate the intuitive and easy-to-use nature of APP2Speak, showing how it can truly transform the lives of individuals facing speech and communication challenges.


Hospitals, medical clinics, and senior living centers play a crucial role in providing diverse healthcare services to the community, treating patients with various backgrounds and needs. In order to cater to patients with speech impediments caused by conditions like intubation, throat cancer, stroke, brain injury, or nonverbal communication, these facilities require a simple and effective communication tool to address their medical and personal needs.

  • APP2Speak comes preprogrammed with phrases for expressing immediate wants and needs, while also allowing complete customization with unique images and phrases.
  • The text-to-speech feature enables users to quickly type messages and save commonly used words and phrases.
  • APP2Speak is intuitive and user-friendly, with easy-to-follow instructions, a built-in help feature, and demonstration videos.
  • Customizing the app is quick, easy, and does not require technical skills.
  • APP2Speak empowers healthcare providers to create better outcomes and transform the lives of patients with speech impairments.
  • The team welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate the intuitive and easy-to-use nature of APP2Speak AAC app and its life-changing impact for individuals facing communication challenges.

First Responders

First responders are vital in responding to emergencies, providing assistance in various urgent situations. Effective communication during these times is crucial, especially when interacting with diverse community members. To address this challenge, first responders require an easy-to-use and effective tool to communicate with individuals who have speech impairments, are non-verbal, or non-English speaking.

  • APP2Speak allows complete customization with unique images and phrases for any situation, with a quick and easy process that requires no technical skills.
  • The features of APP2Speak enable individuals with speech impairments to express their immediate wants and needs, particularly in time-sensitive situations.
  • APP2Speak empowers first responders to communicate effectively with individuals and their family members who have speech impairments, enhancing the potential for positive outcomes.
  • Available for mobile devices. APP2Speak does not require an internet connection, making it a must-have tool for first responders.


Incredible Resource

The App2Speak app has been an incredible resource for several of my clients! It has provided a meaningful communication method that was not there before. It is amazing to watch the transformation in someone when you are able to give them the gift of communication. Thank you, Gina, for creating such a user friendly app that is accessible to anyone!

Rachel (St. Louis, MO)

Wonderful for Individuals

This application is wonderful for individuals who cannot speak for themselves.  My father has Progressive Supra-Nuclear Palsy (PSP) and we can barely hear him so we purchased this app for him. It is very user friendly and easy to customize for each individual person.  The owner is great and took her time on a Saturday to work with us. Gina is wonderful!  Thanks, Gina for creating this software

Lisa (Florence, SC)

Wonderful App!

My husband is losing his speech and this app is allowing him to continue to communicate. It is easy to use; very user friendly, especially for those of us that are technologically-challenged. There are so many great features. We love the fact that you can personalize your communication. There is no limit to the amount of words and phrases you can add.

Kathy (Pleasanton, CA)

Flexibility is Truly Amazing

APP2Speak is the ONLY app I use for individuals who are nonspeaking or who need assistance! Because of this app and giving individuals a voice, we have found out about serious medical issues that negatively impacted an individual’s life! The flexibility of this app is truly amazing! I love that real pictures can be used and easily uploaded in a moment’s notice! The fact that you can record a voice to speak phrases is outstanding! This product grows with the individual which many others do not allow. I can’t say enough except thank you for giving some amazing individuals the opportunity they need to be able to communicate and socialize with others.

Susan (St. Charles, MO)


APP2Speak is an incredibly versatile app that helps provide effective communication for individuals experiencing speaking difficulties. It includes ample built-in functionality and can be fully customized–including personal photos and text-to-speech–according to the user’s needs. Highly recommended!

Gene (St. Louis, MO)

Accessible App

The Focus 40, Smartbeetle, Focus 14 and the Orbit all worked well with APP2Speak. I could navigate through and select buttons.

DJ, Blindness Skills Specialist (Springfield, MO)

Love This App

As a Speech Pathologist it is nice to finally find an app that is affordable for my patients and user friendly. It has everything needed to improve communication such as customizable pages, ability to add pictures and text and great set pictures on the App that can be used to communicate basic needs. I highly recommend this App!

Lori (Raleigh, NC)

Helpful App

The app is very helpful for those unable to talk. I had a stroke that has made it hard for me to talk. This app helps especially in an environment where people don’t want to try and understand me.

Matt (Carbondale, IL)

Great Low Cost Text-to-Speech APP

This is a great tool for anyone with speaking difficulties. We really like the tool. You can customize it to your needs and it is an awesome aid in helping promote text to speech conversations. I would recommend this app!

Marvin (Raleigh, NC)

Real Pictures

I love the real pictures. I think the realistic aspect also helps with learning so individuals can better identify things.

Sagan (Oakton, VA)

Gift from A Friend

My friend purchased this for me. As a person with Parkinson disease, my speech is getting worse and more difficult for others to understand. APP2Speak on tablet helps me to communicate to family and others. I like the real photos and adding my own photos to personalize what I want to say. The text to speech is an easy way to communicate quickly.

Russell (Orlando, FL)

Full Sentences & Realistic Pictures

What I love about your app is it speaks in full sentences and the pictures are realistic.

Gabriella (Providence, RI)

Recommended to Patients

APP2Speak is great! I have recommended it to quite a few patients as a very good AAC app. We also use APP2Speak while we are working on improving their own speech after a stroke. I find it is important to have a means for patients to communicate right away, even if their aphasia will improve I like to give them a “voice” as soon as possible.

Roseann, (New Berlin, WI)

Awesome Communication Tool

What an awesome communication tool! Just tap on the picture and the app speaks for me! You can even create custom phrases. It’s a great tool for anyone with speaking difficulties.

Joe (Blackwell, MO)

Convenience and Ease

I appreciate the convenience and ease of APP2Speak for providing functional and effective communication for my clients experiencing acute communication impairments and those with persistent impairments. I have found that the families and caregivers can easily add or remove icons and the convenience of adding the communication aid to a clients existing iPad device is affordable! Thank you for providing a quality and user friendly communication option!

Katie (Chesterfield, MO)

Converse with Anyone

As a person with Bulbar ALS, my ability to speak is virtually gone. I was loaned a big, heavy speech device. Since APP2Speak software works on my iPad, it fits in my purse. The “text-to-speech” feature allows me to converse with anyone. It makes living with ALS much easier.

Helen (St. Peters, MO)

Intuitive and Flexible

I am very satisfied with APP2Speak. I am an SLP; it was created by an SLP. It is intuitive and flexible – great price!

Melanie (Columbia, SC)


APP2Speak is exceptional for several reasons. Use is straightforward and readily mastered. YouTube is helpful for that. It can be customized by taking unlimited photos with the app. The quality of sound and pictures on an iPad is excellent.

Julie (Salem, CT)


Best app I have ever used for the adult population! User friendly and appropriate communication selections.

Alicia (Elmira, NY)

Customize Features

APP2Speak is the useful tool to facilitate functional communication for patients by easily customizing each features with their family.

Su (Clarksville, TN)

A Game-Changer

APP2Speak is a game changer in dealing with your speech impaired patient or family member.

Michael (Rochester, NY)

Valuable APP

I love that APP2Speak has pictures and it’s easy to use. I like to use my photos and sometimes my family records their voice for me. I use the text to speech and custom pages frequently. I recommend APP2Speak.

Kim (Scottsdale, AZ)


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