Easy-to-Use, Photo-Based, Speaking App Features


APP2Speak® is a photo-based augmentative and alternative speech and communication (AAC) application for the iPad, tablets and smartphones helping individuals who have difficulty expressing their wants and needs essential to daily living.

APP2Speak comes with 80 preset communication wants and needs. Each preset communication page displays 20 real-life photos with words. Each selection provides voice output for a word and/or a phrase describing a want or need. The page size can be easily adjusted for visual difficulties: sizes include 4×5 or 2×10 (columns x rows). The pages can be swiped up and down, or left and right to switch between pages. Preset communication page photos can be moved and turned on or off.

Select the text-to-speech button to go to the text-to-speech feature. This feature allows users to quickly program and access phrases they use frequently. This means conversations can flow naturally and effortlessly.

The custom pages features are unlimited. You can quickly and easily create custom phrases using your own photos. Creating custom phrases gives each user the opportunity to inject their personality into every conversation. Simply upload pictures from your personal photo library or, Internet. Another option is taking a picture within APP2Speak on the custom pages. Select voice to record a voice for speech output. Share your custom pages with other APP2Speak users through an enabled Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection (iOS only).

Current Format

iPad, iOS 8.0 or later
Android, 9.0 and up


  • 4 pre-programmed pages of photos, words and speech output for immediate communication
  • Turn preset photos on/off and move pictures within the preset pages
  • 2 options for size of photos
  • Option for male or female voice (iOS only)
  • Option for 2 voices (Android)
  • Text-to-speech page with option to save text-to-speech history of common words and phrases
  • 2 display options for low vision
  • Adjust speech rate button
  • Personally record a familiar voice
  • Options to turn ON/OFF and Move Preset Communication photos
  • Help button for video demonstration, written instructions and settings and preference settings
  • Unlimited pages of customization using your personal photo library, Internet pictures or take custom photo within APP2Speak and save in separate album folder created for APP2Speak. 
  • Create and save one or more phrases per photo for additional convenient conversation.
  • Allows custom pages to be shared through an enabled Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection (iOS only)
  • PDF directions available upon request (iOS only)

APP2Speak is written in English. On the iPad, Tablet or smartphone use the language/region settings to change English to your native language for APP2Speak custom pages and text-to-speech page.