Empowering Individuals with Speech Impairments: Unveiling the Magic of APP2Speak for Expressive Communication

Introducing APP2Speak: Revolutionizing Communcation For Individuals Who Are Nonverbal.

Ready-to-Use Communication pages:

  • Enjoy 80 preset communication pages with 20 real-life photos and accompanying words
  • Each selection triggers voice output for clear expression of wants and needs
  • Customize the page size (4×5 or 2×10) for visual comfort
  • Easily swipe up, down, left, or right to switch between pages
  • Move, rotate, and toggle preset communication page photos to your liking

Text-to-Speech functionality:

  • Access the text-to-speech feature for quick programming of frequently used phrases
  • Effortlessly engage in natural conversations with fluid communication flow
  • Unlimited Custom Phrases
  • Unleash your creativity by creating custom phrases

Infuse your personality into every conversation:

  • Upload pictures from your personal library or the internet
  • Capture photos directly within APP2Speak
  • Unlimited custom pages
  • Record your voice for personalized speech output
  • Share your custom pages with other APP2Speak users via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (iOS only)

Current Format

iPad, iOS 9.1 or later
Android, 9.0 and older devices


  • 4 pre-programmed pages of photos, words and speech output for immediate communication
  • Turn preset photos on/off and move pictures within the preset pages
  • 2 options for size of photos
  • Option for male or female voice (iOS only)
  • Option for 2 voices (Android)
  • Text-to-speech page with option to save text-to-speech history of common words and phrases
  • 2 display options for low vision
  • Adjust speech rate button
  • Personally record a familiar voice
  • Options to turn ON/OFF and Move Preset Communication photos
  • Help button for video demonstration, written instructions and settings and preference settings
  • Unlimited pages of customization using your personal photo library, Internet pictures or take custom photo within APP2Speak and save in separate album folder created for APP2Speak. 
  • Create and save one or more phrases per photo for additional convenient conversation.
  • Allows custom pages to be shared through an enabled Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection (iOS only)
  • PDF directions available upon request (iOS only)

APP2Speak is written in English. On the iPad, Tablet or smartphone use the language/region settings to change English to your native language for APP2Speak custom pages and text-to-speech page.