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Contact us for more information about APP2Speak  and APP2Speak  AAC speech and communication impairment software application for iPad, iPhones and Android tablets and smartphones. APP2Speak is designed and created for individuals who experience speech and communication impairments as a result of a stroke (aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria), brain injury, ALS, Autism, Down Syndrome, Parkinson Disease, and other conditions effecting speech, voice and communication.

Our FAQ page offers answers to the most common inquiries that we receive. We strive to provide the most clear and concise answers to your questions. Additionally, information can be found by visiting the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.  If you have questions about our AAC apps or if you would like to speak to someone, please complete the contact form below. Select your interest as an Individual or Professional and provide details of your inquiry in the comment section of the contact form. Thank you for contacting APP2Speak. We look forward to talking to you soon.

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